Our Fish Pond

My husband and I both like to garden and grow tomatoes.  He takes care of our koi pond and wakes up in the middle of the night to chase raccoons away from the fish with the hose.  We have heat- and motion-sensing sprinklers around the perimeter that go off when something warm passes in front of them. Chht-chht-chht-chht:  his cue to jump into his slippers and flashlight-hat, dash out in the yard and grab the hose.   Recently he has discovered that coyote urine sprinkled on tree trunks and fence posts keeps the raccoons away.  Dogs love sniffing it, but the raccoons hate it.  (You can buy coyote urine on the Internet.  I would not want the job of trying to get it out of the coyote and into the bottle.)

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